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Clean and Professional Interior Painting for Homeowners in Clinton Township, MI

Transform your home into a beautiful, colorful, or tranquil space with exquisite painting services from Lux Living. We can paint anywhere in your house from one room to the entire square footage. Simply tell us your vision, and we will make it happen. 


Our House Painters are Happy to Transform Your Home Through Color

Unlike other remodeling companies, we take our time when painting your home. Even the smallest imperfections are unacceptable in our eyes, so we are careful to paint as though it was our own home. We never cut corners unless we are carefully cutting them in. We take proper precautions prior to painting, including taping off any trim, doors, windows, vents, etc. and putting down proper floor coverings and necessary furniture protection to ensure nothing gets ruined. Our painting professionals work diligently to cut in corners between the walls and the ceiling or trim. When it’s time to roll, we make sure our painting materials don’t leave excess fluff from the roller on your walls. Our coats are even, and you will never find drips from where too much paint was applied and left unattended. We will apply as many coats as necessary to ensure that your wall is the precise color you desire. 

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You Can Rely on Lux Living for Painting Services Around Your Entire House, Including: 

  • Walls 
  • Ceilings
  • Doors
  • Windowsills
  • Trim
  • Air vents
  • Cabinets
  • Closets
  • And more!

Let Us Help You Fall Even Deeper in Love with Your Home with Painting Services from Lux Living

Painting is part of the fun when it comes to remodeling a space in your home. It sets the mood for the room and it drives the colors that will follow when it comes time to add in your home decor. Lux Living is educated on the best paint to use for each room of your home, including what finishes make the most sense and, depending on what room(s) need to be painted, what kind of resilience or special color coating is necessary. We are able to cover even the darkest of colors and don’t stop working until you are satisfied with the results. When we’re finished, we remove any tape or plastic coverings and return your home back to the way it was when we found it, just with a fresh new look. No matter what color you want painted or where you want to put it, we can help you with it all.

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“Thank you, Lux Living!”
Lux living did an incredible job on my garage build. I was totally satisfied with the professionalism that they displayed and I highly recommend this company to do a great job on your next project. They came out to my house and executed the build in a timely manner. Thank you, Lux Living! - Anthony J. | Read More Testimonials